Monterrey, México 2021

Over time, fraud in digital channels has evolved from isolated events to being originated by well-structured cybercriminal organizations, this evolution has shown us that it has a cycle whose purpose is the moneti- zation of attacks, in Infinyt we have created an innovative model in matter of prevention and defense against electronic fraud and we have called it eFrauDefense®.

eFrauDefense® is a concentric model made up of various layers of security that aim to detect and prevent fraud in the various electronic channels, enabling the business and minimizing the associated financial losses. Each of the layers adds a unique level of security that when added to the rest of the layers creates a comprehensive level of protection. eFrauDefense® is designed to provide comprehensive protection, low friction, and a transparent user experience.

eFrauDefense® seeks to adapt and mitigate the negative effects caused by various present and future threats and attacks such as: Social Engineering, Theft and Impersonation, Synthetic Iden- tities, Malware and Anomalous Financial Transactions.

INFINYT® seeks to be a business ally of your organization by providing innovative solutions and services in matters of Digital Identity, Cybersecurity and Fraud Prevention.

We would love to be able to speak with you and review together how we can support you in your security and fraud prevention strategies.